Our Food

... and why you'll love it?

The simplest and truest way to describe the food we offer is simply … delicious - it is local, not processed food, prepared in simple and natural ways, so that it retains the most possible amount of nutrients and health benefits but at the same time doesn’t take away from the taste and it is always just simply … delicious.


Because we believe it is important to choose food that nourishes you, but doesn’t harm anything in the process. So for our customers we offer a combination of vegan & vegetarian cuisine, as we want them to experience gradual dietary change and all the health benefits that come with it, but do not feel hungry or deprived of anything while doing so.


Recipes are the product of years of researching... and All this is combined with pure joy and creativity that this way of cooking and eating allows and we poor all that positive energy into the food. Trust us, anything cooked with a smile tastes better. We always strive to serve meals that are healthy, delicious yet simple enough that you can learn how to implement the food changes in your everyday life.

We can’t wait to serve you!