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Volcano Calderon Hondo

There's a reason movies like Starwars and Wonder Woman are filmed on Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura is famous for its volcanic landscape and unusual scenery. The accommodation is situated right under one of the most interesting volcanos on the island, with the crater at the top being just a short walk away. As Fuerteventura is also a starlight reserve (there aren't that many left in the world), we organise an evening walk to the top (whenever the conditions allow us to do so).  We like to go up during the sunset, so you can enjoy the views, sit at the top, breathe and meditate in truly unbelievable surroundings. When the night comes and when the weather is right, the stars shine so bright, they drown out the lights of the village and you truly feel like you are  closer to the moon. Sit and meditate from the sun down into the evening, when the moon and the stars come out to play, and you will feel completely reenergised and grateful for every breath you take on this magical island.

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