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Nurture & Nature in Lajares with SINZIANA

It is not nature vs nurture, it's nurture in nature! 

  • What is included

  • * 2 yoga sessions a day, except for one free evening so that you can have more time to explore the surroundings or have a different activity (hiking, beach, boat sailing, island visits)

  • * all class materials such as mats, belts, blocks, blankets, bolsters

  • * 1 meditation session every day

  • * 7 homemade brunch buffet and 6 dinners (including welcoming dinner on the day of arrival and breakfast before departure)

  • * 7 nights accommodation

  • * beach and pool towels

  • * tea, water, coffee and light snacks (fruit and nuts) during the day

The Concept & The Practices

Nature is your ally and connecting with nature helps you nurture your body, mind and soul... Get outside and feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair and the warmth in your heart. Learn from nature how to be resilient, to be free, how to grow your roots deep and let your wings fly high! Let yourself nourished and get closer to your own nature.

This retreat will focus on inviting more joy into our lives: how can we live with steady ease, take action from a place of peace and trust in all aspects of our existence. The sun doesn't stop and question if sunrise happens today! The tree doesn't hesitate to shed their leaves, the bloom turns into flower, the flower turns into seed... The sunsets set the skies on fire and let the moon shine bright... What do we fear? 

Moving the body with awareness we'll release from tension and stress, we'll transform stagnant energy into determination and agitation into steadiness and grounding. As the week unfolds, we reconnect to our inner compass, shed old layers of preconditioning and invite new perspectives into our horizons, so we can stay physically and emotionally well-balanced in daily life.

Who is your teacher ? 

Sinziana has been leading yoga classes since 2014. Open minded and light hearted, playful and curious, intuitive and knowledgeable teacher, she is motivated by sharing the healing and solace the practice brings. Her classes are soothing and energizing, rooted in Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Yin yoga, mixing playfulness and strength, flexibility and balance, inviting the students to explore the body and the mind with curiosity, a healthy amount of challenge and humor. She studied in Brussels at the Yoga Loft (Ashtanga Yoga – 2014), Sampporna Yoga (Yin yoga 2015-2019) and in Goa, India with Sampoorna Yoga (Ashtanga Vinyasa-2018). 


And what other better way to nurture yourself than yoga and meditation, complete with heavenly home cooked meals! Your body will thank you: twice daily yoga sessions, active vinyasa in the morning and gentle yin in the afternoon. Combining both Yin and Yang elements provides a balanced practice and will have a powerful effect: you will feel relaxed and full of energy, while the mind is getting calm and focussed. Add to that amazing vegan / vegetarian home cooked food... We will nourish our bodies and souls, creating awareness and balance with yin & yang yoga, we'll indulge the senses in healthy food that doesn't harm anyone, we will resource our brains with meditation and yoga nidra. At the end of this week you will be able to take better care of yourself, recognize your limits and learn how you can strengthen your inner resources and stay physically and emotionally well-balanced in daily life.



The retreat will take place in a peaceful villa situated in Lajares. The house is quite secluded and only a short walk away there is the volcano El Calderon Hondo; there is direct access to paths around the volcano for walks and hikes. The island is a biosphere reserve, highly regarded for its clean and unpolluted air, clear waters, unspoiled wilderness. Large plains, lavascapes, volcanic mountains are trimmed by sand dunes and white sandy beaches. No better place to experience the beauty of nature than this very well preserved environment, the island of eternal spring! 


“I love Sinziana's retreats <3! The combination of more active classes in the morning and slower ones in the evenings gives me plenty of energy for the day and readies my body for rest at night.  Sinziana's classes are taught in both a professional and super fun manner. We practice, we sweat, we laugh (sometimes a lot), we meditate, we chant, we go deep inside ourselves and come out with more clarity. Exactly what I'm looking for. As for the hosts... well all I can say is that there is a queue of us requesting to be adopted by Vanja and Bojan. They are the kindest, gentlest, most helpful souls and, if that wasn't enough, in addition they prepare the most delicious, healthy and visually stunning vegan food. You want a good practice? You want good food? You want to have fun? If you reply to just one of those, just go ahead and book your spot :)

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